The Mistletoe Secret

The Mistletoe Secret

Dear Universe,
Is anyone out there?

Thinking no one is reading, a blogger who calls herself LBH writes about her most personal feelings, especially her overwhelming loneliness. She goes from day to day showing a brave face to the world while inside she longs to know how it would feel if one person cared about her.

Alex Bartlett cares. He’s reading her posts in Daytona Beach, Florida. Nursing his own broken heart and trust issues, he finds himself falling for this sensitive, vulnerable woman whose feelings mirror his own. Following a trail of clues LBH has inadvertently revealed, he discovers that she lives in the small town of Midway, Utah. He makes his way there just after Thanksgiving, determined to find LBH. Maybe she’s a Lisa, Lori, or a Luanne. Instead, he finds a woman named Aria, a waitress at the Mistletoe Diner, who encourages Alex in his search while serving his pie along with some much-needed sympathy and companionship.

Alex finally finds his LBH, a woman who is as beautiful and kind as he imagined she would be. How can he tell her that he knows her secret? What’s holding him back? Could it be his feelings for Aria?

Title:The Mistletoe Secret
Edition Language:English
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  • Mischenko

    Hmmm... Two lonely people find love, Christmastime, I love it! Pretty good story that's not horribly predictable. Good December read. I really like Richard Paul Evans and wish I could've read more of ...

  • Jennifer

    The Mistletoe Secret is the third addition to Richard Paul Evans's Mistletoe Collection. Although these standalone novels are not necessarily a series, they do tend to have a similar trend in deep the...

  • Cheri

    If you’ve ever read any of Richard Paul Evans books, this is similar in style. Predictable, but not completely without any charm, I believe that the front cover of this book actually has a small red...

  • Anna

    Alex, bitter from his divorce, prefers the company of his buddies, not ready to seek a new relationship. Encouraged by his friends he signs up for an online dating service. What he finds himself drawn...

  • Brandie

    Cheesy and predictable like all RPE books, but always a feel good story perfect for the holidays....

  • Laura

    When I first started this book, I loved it. I honestly thought I was going to like it better than the first two books in this series. However, the more I read, the story became less engaging and I fou...

  • Peter Monn

    Cheesy but a very good read! Check out my full review on my booktube channel at http://www.youtube.com/peterlikesbooks ...

  • Staci

    In this third book the Mistletoe Collection, main character Alex is divorced and becomes enamored by the thoughts of a blogger. I didn't see the pull of the blogger (a rather depressing blog about lon...

  • Lorraine

    There are times when I need to read a story that ends happily, and Christmastime is one of those times. Last year a friend told me about The Christmas Box by Richard Paul Evans which I then read. I th...

  • Rhonda B

    After reading a book by this author I always feel so good. This story takes one from the spark that starts the alignment of two peoples universe to where this couple now flow on the same plane. It is ...