Again, Dangerous Visions 1

Again, Dangerous Visions 1

The classic companion to the most essential science fiction anthology ever published. 46 original stories edited with introductions by Harlan Ellison.

 Again, Dangerous Visions • (1972) • interior artwork by Ed Emshwiller
ix • An Assault of New Dreamers • (1972) • essay by Harlan Ellison
1 • The Counterpoint of View • (1972) • shortstory by John Heidenry
7 • Ching Witch! • (1972) • shortstory by Ross Rocklynne
31 • The Word for World Is Forest • [Hainish] • (1972) • novella by Ursula K. Le Guin
127 • For Value Received • (1972) • shortstory by Andrew J. Offutt
145 • Mathoms from the Time Closet • (1972) • shortfiction by Gene Wolfe
157 • Time Travel for Pedestrians • (1972) • shortstory by Ray Nelson
188 • Christ, Old Student in a New School • (1972) • poem by Ray Bradbury
197 • King of the Hill • (1972) • shortstory by Chad Oliver
217 • The 10:00 Report is Brought to You By ... • (1972) • shortstory by Edward Bryant
233 • The Funeral • (1972) • novelette by Kate Wilhelm
261 • Harry the Hare • (1972) • shortstory by James B. Hemesath
266 • When It Changed • (1972) • shortstory by Joanna Russ
282 • The Big Space Fuck • (1972) • shortstory by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.
293 • Bounty • (1972) • shortstory by T. L. Sherred
300 • Still-Life • (1972) • shortstory by Barry N. Malzberg [as by K. M. O'Donnell ]
315 • Stoned Counsel • (1972) • shortstory by H. H. Hollis
331 • Monitored Dreams and Strategic Cremations • (1972) • shortfiction by Bernard Wolfe
398 • With a Finger in My I • (1972) • shortstory by David Gerrold
413 • In the Barn • (1972) • novelette by Piers Anthony

Title:Again, Dangerous Visions 1
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  • Kevin

    Again, Dangerous Visions was split into two for its mass market paperback release in 1973. This first half contains a few knockout stories, some pretty good ones, and a lot of mediocre ones. At twice ...

  • Tomislav

    In 1969 Harlan Ellison edited the ground-breaking anthology Dangerous Visions. It was so successful commercially and in terms of award recognition, that a follow-up anthology known as Again, Dangerous...

  • Jack van Riel

    I've never read a short-story collection as uneven in quality as Again, Dangerous Visions 1. The bookend contributions make me feel a dumber, duller person for having read them, but there are real hit...

  • Allan Dyen-Shapiro

    This is a classic anthology--the best of the New Wave that hit science fiction in the late 60s/early 70s. Writers were tasked with producing something "dangerous". Some were dangerous due to content--...

  • Odhran

    This book is excellent. Fact.While not all of the stories are as punchy as andrew j. offutt's "For Value Received", or as stylistically interesting as Ross Rocklynne's "Ching Witch", everything in her...

  • David Allen

    Compared to Dangerous Visions, which struck me as almost uniformly brilliant, this sequel is longer and less impressive. The first half is about evenly split between excellent and ehh. The stories by ...

  • Dave

    Until 20 years or so ago, I would have rated this one a 5-star; I probably read it half a dozen times. But anymore when I browse sections, the times have passed it by, not the ideas so much as the lan...

  • Stephen Laidlaw

    It was a 1970s SF compilation. You expect it to be hit and miss. And a bit pretentious.The hits (including the likes of Vonnegut and Le Guin) make up for the misses....

  • Spencer Whetstone

    Ellison, enfant terriblé of the New Wave of Science Fiction of the '60s, edited this influential anthology. ...

  • Jer

    Pretty visionary and interesting sci-fi story compilation from the late-60s/early 70s. Sci-fi touched by psychedelia, rather novel stuff and lots of fun....